RELEASED: 8. March 2013
ARTIST: Cambridge University Orchestra; Ruth Fischer: Guitar; Morgan Goff: Viola; Neil Heyde: Cello; Christine Hoock: Double Bass; Peter Sheppard Skaerved: Violin; Stephen Stiens: Guitar; Alessandro Taverna: Piano; Neil Thomson: Conductor; Mihailo Trandafilovski: Violin
LABEL: Tzadik
Gloria Coates: At Midnight

Gloria Coates: At Midnight

Christine Hoock takes part in the Recording of “Silver Eyed Soul”, composed by Gloria Coates. It is part of the album “At Midnight”, published by the label Tzadik.

Born in Wisconsin and a resident of Germany since 1969, Gloria Coates has been composing for over fifty years. Her work is complex, filled with canons, palindromes, polyrhythms, dissonances, glissandi and is distinguished by a wide expressive and emotional range. Her first CD on Tzadik presents a varied program of music for solo piano, a string quartet, her exciting violin concerto, a piece for bass and piano and a fabulous piece for two tuning guitars. An historic release by one of the world’s most courageous and original musical pioneers!



  1. I: Holographic Universe
  2. I: Holographic Universe
  3. I: Holographic Universe
  4. II: Where the Eagle Flies
  5. II: Where the Eagle Flies
  6. II: Where the Eagle Flies
  7. II: Where the Eagle Flies
  8. III: Among the Asteroids
  9. IV: Lunar Loops
  10. V: The Silver Eyed Soul
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